How to Extend Your Stay and Play in a Casino

If you decided to build a new house, would you start construction without first developing a plan or plan? Or would you start a new business without having a business plan? Would you go to war without knowing your enemy and having a predetermined plan for victory? Well, why do you go to the casino without a plan to win?

Winning is what matters. I never lost money in a casino and I felt good about it, and if you’re honest, neither will you. I work hard for my money and, when I go to the casino, I want to know that I put my best effort into winning. It is a small consolation when I lose and lose a lot, but I also gain a lot.

Here are some tips to extend your next vacation or casino day trip:

Plan your trip

Make your visit to a casino more enjoyable by calling ahead and finding out what’s going on at the casino you plan to visit. Ask questions about available promotions and entertainment options. Are tickets available for upcoming shows? Find out about food establishments, when they are open and if they are offering any specialties?

Also, never be nailed to a casino. Find out if there is a neighboring trusted online casino. In that case, call them and ask the same questions. You can plan a visit there.

If you plan to visit more than one casino, ask how much ranked gambling is needed at the host casino in order for your room to count both casino fees and fully compatible (if you don’t know what I mean by that, read Comps 101 or The Ask game.).

Count your money

Before going to a casino, you must determine how much money you should spend. Decide how long you plan to stay and divide your money accordingly. If you have $ 200 and plan to stay two days, plan to spend $ 100 a day.

Or, if you plan on staying several hours, you can divide your money by how many hours you stay.

Set your stop loss and stay with them.

Plan your game

Plan your game based on your bankroll. How much money should you dictate how much you can bet on a single hand, roll the dice or pull the wheel. Use common sense and decide this before you leave the house and stay with him.

You should always have a good knowledge of the game you are playing if you play table games. Start slowly and see if you are hot or cold. If you’re winning, save it for later. If you’re losing, go away. The tables will be there all night. Do not try to create a hot streak.
A good slot system should be studied and used if you play slots. Slots pay in trends. Don’t rush and look for a trend. Observe what is happening around you and make your decisions based on what you are seeing. If you’re winning, save it for later. If you’re losing, go away. The slots will be there all night. Don’t try to start a trend.

Give a break

You should have planned other activities when you called the casino in advance. Stay with your plan. Go to a show or eat your meals when planned. Get away from the action and clear your thoughts. If you have friends at the casino, find them and get opinions on what’s going on. My father always said that two heads were better than one, even if one was a goat.

Plan to take money home

I visited casinos where every penny I put in the slot was jerked away and I wasn’t smart enough to leave the casino. Don’t be afraid to leave. Many people don’t leave a cramped casino because they just got there. You are not there to donate your money. You are there for fun and losing every penny you have is not having fun.
Leaving when you are broke is easy. No decision to make, you just left. On the other hand, it is difficult to go to the door when you are winning. In your planning, you should always set a time to go to your room or home, win or lose.

If every time you win a jackpot or have a hot streak at the tables, you put some of your winnings out and don’t touch it until you leave the casino, you will never have a long trip home.

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